Wok Burners With Stands

PowerFlamer Outdoor Long Leg High-Pressure Propane Manual Ignition Wok Burner

  • Stainless Braided Hose, Spider Mesh Guard
  • Long Leg Ground Wok Burner with Integrated Burner Plate, Manual Ignition
  • ACME Type 1 QCC Connector for USA 20lb Propane Tank
  • Adjustable Wok Adapter for Flexible Cooking Position
  • Continuous Power Adjustment from 0 to 160KBTU/Hr

Product description

The stove is constructed to achieve the best heating by concentrating flames toward the bottom of a wok. High and adjustable power (heat) cooking is the key to retaining freshness (restaurant quality) of your food. The stove comes with a high-pressure regulator, hose with external braided stainless cover, and an ACME type I QCC connector ready to connect to a 20 lbs propane tank. The long-legged stove can be used as a ground stove, or on a table after detaching the long legs; This can be used as a commercial version for fast stir-frying in restaurants and catering. It uses high-pressure propane gas to achieve the most powerful outdoor stove ever built for wok cooking. Heat from the stove is continuously adjustable.

This wok burner has a star rating of 4.7 out of 5.0 and is available hereOpens in a new tab. at Amazon.