Crepe Pans

Matfer Bourgeat 062032 Round Crepe Pan, 7 7/8-Inch, Gray

  • Diameter 7 7/8″
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Welded handles
  • Low
  • Can be “seasoned” for nonstick use and prolonged life
  • High quality, extra strong steel strip handle

Product description

Color:Gray  |  Size:7 7/8-Inch

Our incredible black steel fry pans are amazingly strong and made to last. black Steel distributes heat excellently. fry Pans in black steel are for all hob types. high Quality, extra strong steel strip handle. heavy Duty construction. can Be “seasoned” for non-stick use and prolonged life. Before the first use, place the frying pan under hot running water for a few minutes, using a cleaning brush if necessary to remove the remains of the protective layer. Dry the frying, add oil, slices of potatoes and a large portion of salt and fry for a few minutes. discard Contents, then briefly reheat frying pan with a little oil, remove from heat and wipe with paper towel. after Use: wipe with paper towel or if necessary rinse under hot water. Do not use dish soap. Dry and re-grease lightly.

Crepes are very thin and therefore you need to be able to get under them in order to flip them in your pan. If you have high sides it will be difficult to get your wooden crepe tool under your crepe. Make sure that the pan you do decide to purchase has low sides like the pan above. All good crepe pans should have there handles welded rather than riveted because you need a surface that is close to being perfect in order to correctly make crepes. You sure don’t need any bumpy rivets in your crepe pan.

The crepe pan has 4.5 out of 5.0 stars and has over 90 great customer reviews. You can find it hereOpens in a new tab. at Amazon.