Best Round-Bottomed Woks

Traditional Hand Hammered Carbon Steel Pow Wok with Wooden and Steel Helper Handle (14 Inch, Round Bottom) / 731W88 by Craft WokOpens in a new tab.

What I really like about this wok is its simplicity. The handle can be removed for seasoning and the other helper handle is made of steel, so it does not have to be removed during the seasoning process.

This wok can be used for stir-frying and for deep frying. It is suitable for open fire cooking if you decide to take it camping. If you had to choose one cooking pan to take with you on a campout, this wok would be your best choice. You can stir-fry with it, steam with it and even smoke food with it.

This round-bottomed wok would be perfect to use with a wok burner.

  • 15 gauge (1.8mm) carbon steel, commercial grade
  • Traditional Chinese wok pan. Do not forget to season it before use!
  • Hand hammered by Chinese professionals in Guangzhou
  • The choice of many professional Chinese chefs
  • Steel helper handle will not burn when you stir-fry over high heat

This carbon steel wok is incredible and I highly recommend it. Check AmazonOpens in a new tab. for the most current price and availability.

How to Prepare Your Wok for Seasoning

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