Hacked Top Secret Recipes

If you want the perfect gift that will be truly different, then look no further. Sometimes we look for a special gift we can give to the person that has everything. Many times it is not how much we spend for a gift but what the value of the gift is.

The choices below illustrate some valuable low-cost gifts that will last longer than a Christmas tie that is never used!

Many times I wish I were able to create some of my most favorite dishes, drinks, etc that some of my favorite restaurants make but I was unable to create them myself until now.

After some considerable research, I came across Todd Wilbur. Todd has a website where he has created a number of cookbooks that target some of the recipes that Starbucks, Pizza Hut, Olive Garden, and others have on their menus. Todd Wilbur is a “skilled food hacker” who clones a lot of recipes that we all love.

Here is a link to Todd’s latest book on Recipes

If you want to make, at home, some of the recipes that many of your more famous restaurants have then check this link outOpens in a new tab..

Do you want some of the best seasonings that are used in many restaurants, then check this link outOpens in a new tab.

Take some time and look through Todd’s website from the links provided above. Make someone’s day by giving them a recipe that they will love.

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